Proteomics Database of Streptomyces coelicolor - liquid cultivation

This page contains information about the latest upgrades and updates of the database and the interface. If you want to contribute to discussion send us an e-mail message.

In the protein name search and the cluster search you can display also a gel map with the spots labeled. All spots are clickable and will lead you to corresponding spot record. In Internet Explorer and Netscape 6 you will also see a "bubble" with the protein name at each identified spot.

Viewing gel maps means transfer of large GIF image files, which can be slow (depending on the speed of network at the given moment).

I'll make soon the same thing for new gene name search.


The gel map is available also for gene name search.


New item (Experimental procedures) was added to "Public area". The page contains basic information about the strain, cultivation conditions and data treatment, necessary to understand results of the database searches. This page will grow in future.

All gel maps got Mw and pI rulers.


Now you can send us an e-mail message. Please do so if you find any error in the interface, database, browser compatibility, or if you have an idea how to improve the site.

A reference bar allowing to access most important items from within a page was added to the bottom of each page.

Since tomorrow (8.6.2001) current access restrictions will be removed and the database will be accessible from all over the world.


Now you can directly link to the database. The syntax is described under a new item in the SWICZ homepage in the "About this site" box.


For identified proteins we have updated the database with function group annotations. You can search this item under a new tag in the swiczboard - "Protein function group".


Protein function group item was added to spot features list, the function group can also be viewed on the gel map.


36 new protein identifications were added to the database. Some bugs in the scripts linking the database to the other servers were fixed. If you had problems using the syntax described in the "Linking to SWICZ" page so now it is OK.


51 new protein identifications were added to the database. Total number of identified proteins is 123.


New entries and links to the KEGG database and a new clustering have been added. Sequence related information as SCO database number, AA sequence, position on the chromosome and the direction of reading were added.