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Protein No. 9403

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Spot number 9403 
x Coordinate on analytical gel  149.60  
y Coordinate on analytical gel  106.98  
x Coordinate on preparative gel Not determined 
y Coordinate on preparative gel Not determined 
Measured molar mass (kDa)  36.74  
Measured pI  9.09  
ORF reference number  
GenBank reference number  
10 Function  
11 Function group  
12 Identification method  
13 Cell cycle expression  
14 Cell cycle expression cluster  
15 Cell cycle-dependent transcription  
16 Different ORF number in microarray analysis  
17 Synchrony effect Induction 
18 Change during chase  
19 Export signal peptide  

Position on analytical master gel

Protein Expression during the Cell Cycle

Gel Time [ppm]  
10   761.7
245   298.5
380   270.3
4110   264.9
5140   268.3

Pulse Chase Labelling

No data available for protein No. 9403

Cultivation and pulse labelling conditions

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