How to Create Links to SWICZ

Caulobacter crescentus database

General syntax for linking to the Caulobacter database is

Values allowed for the XXXX parameters are listed in the following table (see also examples below):

query n1 n2 n3 n4
spotno number <1, 9901>      
prot string (substring of a protein name)      
mwpi lower Mw <11.78, 215.51> higher Mw <11.78, 215.51> lower pI <3.0, 10.0> higher pI  <3.0, 10.0>
cluster cell cycle expression cluster # <1, 23>      
func protein function group # (see next table)      

Values of "n1" for different protein function groups

 n1 function group
1 Amino acid metabolism
2 Carbohydrate metabolism
3 Cell division
4 Cell envelope synthesis and structure
5 Cofactor metabolism
6 DNA metabolism
7 Energy metabolism
8 Lipid metabolism
9 Motility and chemotaxis
10 Protein folding and degradation
11 Redox reactions
12 Regulatory protein
13 RNA and protein synthesis
14 Transport protein
99 Unknown function


To get protein No. 3001 from the Caulobacter database, create link:

To get proteins containing substring "ribo" in its name, create link:

To get proteins in the Mw range <90, 110> and pI range <4, 5>, create link:

To get proteins belonging to cell cycle expression cluster No. 1, create link:

To get proteins involved in lipid metabolism (function group No. 8), create link:

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